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Macclesfield Male Voice Choir, Macclesfield

I've been a member of the choir for 3 years now and enjoy every moment of it. We are a passionate team of singers who really care about the choir and always want to give our best. Every year we're traveling somewhere nationally or internationally to perform and have a great time together. We've traveled to Prague, Canada, Wales, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland, Germany and Denmark. All of these tours were huge successes with great performances and fabulous experiences. But we also give the same passion amd quality at our smaller local concerts, and most of our concerts are for charitable causes. The choir highly respects the opinions of its members and there's a great comradery between us all. There's a committee which does all the administration and decisions and the members get to vote who's on that committee. Overall a very professionally run choir with a wealth of experience and a bunch of very friendly and welcoming guys. No surprise we consistently grow in numbers.