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The website is very helpful, your able to see what areas you need to improve on and is an excellent help to learning.
The Your Progress Report is, in my opinion, an indespensible facility. It allows me to monitor my progress, review lessons and efficiently prepare for my next driving lesson. I have found this innovative tool particularly useful as it has made my progress quicker. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone wanting to learn to drive efficiently.
John is a great driving instructor and his innovative way of letting you monitor your progress, read comments about previous lessons and plans for new ones online makes knowing exactly where you stand in your learning process very easy.
Its really really useful to have access to the notes and progress chart made in the lesson from a point of view of practicing at home.
The website is an indispensable asset when you are a learner driver because it enables you to visualise your progress and areas that you need to improve on. It also contains useful information that helps you prepare for both your theory and practical driving tests and gives you knowledge of what to expect during both of these tests.
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