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Food4Macc is one of the newest charities, clubs and associations in Macclesfield, dedicated in encouraging novice and experienced gardeners to work together and grow food locally. If you are a keen gardener or know of local gardeners who would like to pass on their skills, you're open to the idea of sharing your garden or a Macclesfield company interested in sponsoring our scheme, we'd love to hear from you.

Make a real difference to your community, learn new skills, reduce your food costs and help the environment by getting in contact with one of the most exciting social enterprise charities, clubs and associations in Macclesfield - Food4Macc.



We are currently looking for experienced gardeners, enthusiastic people who want to learn how to grow their own food, owners of disused land and gardens and Macclesfield companies that would like to lend their support.




Keeping Food Local



Did you know that about 40% of all produce we buy has been imported from abroad? In fact, a staggering 95% of our fruit has come from overseas!



With all of us becoming more environmentally aware, Peak Oil and carbon footprint reduction will increase the price of produce being shipped or flown in from other countries, meaning that local produce will soon become much more cost effective.



However, as fewer younger people learn the skills of gardening and growing food from their parents and grandparents, demand for allotments soar and the amount of smaller farms decrease, a group of Macclesfield residents have decided that it is time to encourage local people to grow their own food and have founded Food4Macc - one of the most environmentally-friendly charities, clubs and associations in the area.



Food4Macc aims to promote the value of growing your own fruit and vegetables in a number of ways:



  • Encouraging the growing of food in your own Macclesfield garden, through a garden share scheme, allotments, borrowed land, public spaces and local farmland


  • Supporting local food producers


  • Raising awareness of the consequences Peak Oil will have on our food prices




Get Involved



Macclesfield charity and social enterprise, Food4Macc needs your help. We are looking for:



  • Keen gardeners to help teach our enthusiastic volunteers the basics


  • Residents in Macclesfield and the surrounding villages who would be interested in sharing a garden with some of our volunteers


  • Local farmers and landowners who would be happy to see local gardeners utilising the space to grow their own produce


  • Businesses in and around Macclesfield who would like to sponsor our project or donate materials, fruit bushes and trees, offer discounts to our members or help with publicity




Garden Share Scheme



Is your garden too much to manage?



Food4Macc is bringing owners of disused vegetable gardens and enthusiastic gardeners together in our Garden Share Scheme. If you have land to spare, the Macclesfield charity would love to hear from you.



It's simple - in return for allowing our gardeners to grow fruit and vegetables on your plot, you will receive a share of the crop. The Garden Share Scheme is ideal for busy professionals who simply don't have time to tend to their gardens and elderly residents who may no longer have physical strength required to cultivate their Macclesfield garden.



In fact, former Macclesfield mayor, Norman Edwards, 80, became the first resident to agree to share his garden in Tytherington with a young local couple.



For more information on our Garden Share scheme, please call social enterprise charity, Food4Macc on 07588 699 768.




Contact Us



Whether you are a keen gardener or local business, please call Food4Macc Chairman, Colin Townend on 07824 860 566 to get involved.




Please remember to mention The Best of Macclesfield when contacting one of the best social enterprise charities, clubs and associations in the area, Food4Macc.


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