The Original Credit Crunch Recipe - Quorn Bacon Roll
14th September 2008
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As food prices rocket there has been an understandable surge of interest in cheaper foods (not to mention free food - I'm expecting a lot of competition for the local elderberry and blackberry crops this year). We're lucky in our household because Mrs Thebestofloughborough can make 17 different wonderful dishes with a cheap packet of lentils and a selection of spices, although her moneysaving is somewhat undermined by my own weakness for organic chicken and £12/kg sausages from the farmers market.

One classic old poor-man's recipe being celebrated on Wed 24th September is the Quorn Bacon Roll, basically a jam roly-poly with bacon and onion replacing the jam, and salt instead of sugar. Quorn Bacon Roll Day 2008 is an opportunity to find out about this local delicacy.

Check the recipe - sounds pretty good doesn't it?! Just don't eat too much.

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