Loughborough University Graduate Bids For Design Award
10th September 2010
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Last year it was the fantastic Pavegen, this year Loughborough University graduate Timothy Whitehead is showing his design

Timothy has won the UK leg of the global James Dyson Award with his portable water bottle that uses ultraviolet light to sterilise drinking water.

Design engineers from 18 countries are competing in the competition on their way to a £20,000 prize split between the winne and their university.

Tim came up the idea while travelling in Africa. People normally rely on chlorine and iodine tablets to create safe drinking water but these can take up to 30 minutes and leave an unpleasant taste. Water is filtered through a custom filter and is then sterilised using a wind-up ultra violet bulb. The whole process takes no longer than two minutes to create safe drinking water.

Simple and superb. Well done Tim, we'll keep supporting you and keep up with your progress!

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