LighterLife weight loss programme - not just for ladies!
4th February 2010
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John has lost 8 stone on LighterLife - in his own words, this is what it means to him:

"LighterLife has not only changed my life, but I believe, doubled my life expectancy!  At 45 years old and morbidly obese at 22.5 stone (BMI 42.5) I could have expected to live to 60 or 65 years old ( 15 + years less than average) due to my overweight body.

Now having lost 8 stone, & having maintained that weight loss through the 12 week Route to Management programme, with continued LighterLife support & hard work, I will maintain a healthy weight & regain a life expectancy in the low 80's (another 15 years).  Every week in abstinance has put a year back on my life expectancy!

Losing the weight has given me back self esteem, confidence, energy,& enthusiasm, to both work & play hard, and enjoy the outdoors & outdoor sports, without feeling continually tired.

I no longer destroy trousers simply by trying to tie my shoe laces, or pick something up off the floor.  My approach to food has been totally transformed, & my respect for 'me' in not continually damaging myself through over eating, has all come about through the fantastic re-education & mentoring I have received from Debbie & all at LighterLife Loughborough. A big thank you to you all.
LighterLife is like a puppy dog........... for LIFE , not just for Christmas."

Come along to a free Open Event in Loughborough to find out more about LighterLife - click here for more information.

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