How to Automatically Post Updates from a non-RSS Webpage to Twitter
28th February 2009
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I wanted to send new events from my Loughborough website's local events page to Twitter and Facebook, but the page has (currently) no RSS feed. I solved this as shown below, and it seems to work quite nicely.

The event as it appears on thebestofloughborough:


Using Dapper's Dapp Factory I created an RSS feed from my static page. Dapper allowed me to easily identify the elements of the page to look for, and select, as updates, which were simply the event title and the short snippet of information about each event (I originally tried to use but it barred me for 'overuse of the system' after about 5 minutes).


I then tried to use Twitterfeed to send the output direct to Twitter but it didn't like the format of the RSS feed I created - lack of blog post date or something - so instead I used the Custom RSS tool in FriendFeed to post it there. This worked fine and any updates on my Events page are now auto-posted to FriendFeed:


FriendFeed also has a post to Twitter function so, once configured, this re-posts the events to Twitter automatically:


Result! If you prefer Facebook it'll do that too.

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