Goalies Moan about World Cup Ball
3rd June 2010
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I see David James is getting his excuses in early - complaining already about the World Cup ball, the "Jabulani", developed at Loughborough University.

Mind you it seems to be the same before every World Cup, the ball's either too light or too heavy or swerves too much (goalkeepers) or doesn't swerve at all (free-kick specialists).

The Jabulani ball has been tested and proven to fly straight and true. I can only assume David James is proactively managing our expectations, so we won't be surprised when he fumbles a tame shot into the net.

I'm managing my own expectations by having £10 on USA to beat England at 8-1, so at the end of the first match I'll either be happy that we've won or have £80 to commiserate with (which will immediately get spent at The Royal Chequers - I was looking at their a-la-carte menu recently and I can't wait to go!).

If you're putting any money with the bookies during the World Cup what/who are you betting on?

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