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27th June 2008
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Every time I go to Hathern Nurseries I'm amazed at the low prices compared to other garden centres. The reason is that owner Andrew Barker grows most of the bedding plants and shrubs himself right there at the nursery - many large garden centres don't grow their own but instead buy from wholesalers. The exotic plants which can't be grown in Loughborough (despite its balmy sub-tropical climate!) are imported direct from the growers in Holland and Italy, once again cutting out the middle-man, which means lower prices to you and me. The plants are often healthier too.

Plus if you pay £15 for a "Shrub Club" card you can buy at even lower prices for a full year - an absolute bargain because the discounts are so large you can easily save £15 on just a few shrubs or even a single bay tree or palm. Fantastic!

TIP: take a passport-sized photo when you go and get your Shrub Club card there and then.

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