Falling House Prices - Who Cares?!
30th May 2008
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Shouldn't we all be happy that the biggest item we'll ever buy in our lives is getting cheaper?

If you're a first-time buyer you'll no doubt be delighted to see prices falling. If you're on the housing ladder (or should that be treadmill) already then it doesn't matter because when you move, the house you buy will be cheaper, even if you get less for yours. The only people who should worry are property investors, most of whom will have made a fortune already, and anyone planning to sell their house and not buy another one, maybe live in a tent for the rest of their lives.

All the doom and gloom about house prices is seriously misplaced - just be thankful you live in Loughborough where prices are (relatively) modest. It's the rising cost of just about everything else, including those little luxuries like petrol, food and heat, which we should all be worried about.

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