Average Car Insurance Now Over £1000
2nd February 2010
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Car insurance continues to be a major expense, and even more so this year after a 18.7% rise in the average quoted premium for comprehensive cover in 2009.

This now means the average car insurance premium in the UK is over £1000 according to the AA’s British Insurance Premium Index.

Even third party fire & theft cover increased by 23.8% last year, hitting younger drivers (who can rarely afford comprehensive cover any more) hardest.

Whilst the airwaves and TV ad breaks are full of meerkats and goofy opera singers suggesting that you “go compare” there’s a much-overlooked resource right in town which can save you money on your insurance – your local broker. Remember him? That guy (or girl) with years of experience of this complex market, tons of insider knowledge, and specially-negotiated rates for local people?

Whatever you do, even if you use an online comparison site, don’t forget to try your local independent insurance broker too. It worked for me last year – hours online on every comparison site in the world, and then a broker gives me a better deal after a 5 minute phone call!

Try it yourself, there’s nothing to lose!

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