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Carvero Stonemasonry in Loughborough designs and manufactures some of the most beautiful stone staircases, fireplaces and kitchen canopies in the country

Carvero59b7b2c9c6a711e5af002865 Stonemasons was originally born out of a passion and respect for stone, the ancient material was formed long before we were, that humans use to build shelter and that will remain intact for years to come. There is something mesmerising about the simplicity of taking a raw block of stone from the earth and shaping it into a spectacular piece of art or design.

We turn stone into everlasting pieces that will take centre stage in your home. Specialising in stone staircases, unique limestone kitchen canopies for a true British kitchen feel, stone fireplaces and also an array of architectural stone structures.

Carvero was established in 2006 by Andre Schuberth, a passionate and experienced stonemason. He trained as a stonemason in Germany and perfected his skills and techniques over the years by working on different projects across Europe. Andre has worked on some awe-inspiring structures, such as the restoration of the Basilique St. Denis and the Cathedrale Notre Dame in Paris.

Now settled in Loughborough, Andre and his team at Carvero are passionate, innovative, and equipped with the latest technology when it comes to stonemasonry. Whether you are looking for a classic or modern look, knowing exactly what you want or just have a vision of what you want to achieve, Carvero’s highly-experienced craftspeople can assist and design each piece to suit your home and create the design of your dreams.

Carvero delivers each piece they create, however individual they may be, with the same set of trademarks: fine materials, impeccable execution and visible, enduring quality and sort after design.

For more information about Carvero or to see some of their exceptional work, please visit or have a look on their Facebook page. To contact them, please call 01509 890059 or email them on

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