The National British Dish is Fish and Chips with All the Trimmings!
16th June 2017
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What could be more appetising than fresh fish, especially Haddock and Cod, sustainably harvested and cooked whilst still glossy white, and chips from local farms whose potatoes are the best in the Country? And, don’t forget the mushy peas, just to make your meal complete.


Fish Tram Chips are our local Award-Winning Fish and Chip Shop, and not only can you experience the finest fish and chips in Llandudno but Fish Tram Chips have a rather nice fully licensed café in which you can enjoy the freshest fish and chips in Town piping hot as the come out of the ovens. With a nice cup of tea and some bread and butter, this is the best of traditional British food!


Visitors travel for miles around even coming in from Cheshire to buy their supper, and local people regularly pop in for lunch or to enjoy their evening meal.

Good fish and chips are a combination of well-sourced organic fish in prime condition and our locally grown potatoes, plus the other items that make up a great meal, all of which come together to make a tasty experience. However, the magic of the process of top quality fish and chips lies in two ingredients, the batter - most expert fish and chip producers will not share their batter recipe with anyone, and secondly the cooking. Cooking fish and chips so that they are golden brown and mouthwateringly coated with crisp batter is a skilful business in that if the fish and chips are cooked too much they become dried out and unpleasant, whereas fish does need to be cooked to perfection to make it light and to retain the moistness and flavour.

Fish and Tram's Chips cook Fish and Chips to perfection which is why they have such excellent Fiver Star reviews, their customers know best.

Fish Tram Chips is very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

Fish Tram Chips look forward to welcoming all customers particularly new customers looking to experience the Best Fish and Chips in North Wales.

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