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My wife and I have for many years regularly attended Andrew's foot clinic in Formby. We have found him to be very professional, courteous, sympathetic, pleasant and prompt.What more can you ask?
Andrew is a very caring person. The week before Christmas, I went for a routine treatment. Andrew advised me to see my doctor without delay, as he was very concerned that there was something seriously wrong. Thanks to him, I saw the doctor the following working day and was referred to the hospital before the year was out. I shall always be grateful to Andrew for his quick thinking. His only fault is that he is a Manchester United supporter, but nobody is perfect.
Andrew has treated both my wife and I for a good number of years. Between us we have presented difficult foot conditions on several occasions. I have nothing but praise and admiration for the treatment received. Andrew offers both skilled foot care and sound and sympathetic advice. When faced with a difficult condition Andrew shows himself to be both an excellent practitioner and also a sympathetic listener. It always is a pleasure to receive treatment by him and whatever procedure is required we always leave his premises with a happy and contented smile. He is a tonic! Brian R. Ainsdale
Andrew provides an excellent professional and friendly service. Highly recommended.
for some years I was plagued with verrucas and eventually visited Healthpoint. Andrew was extremely professional and after a course of treatments I was completely free of them. Excellent service and local treatment. Highly recommended.
I have been going to Andrew's surgery for many years and found him to be very professional,friendly and likeable. His pricing structure is very reasonable and I would recommend him to anyone.
Andrew provides a great, professional service and no matter what treatment you have had you always leave with a smile on your face!
Andrew is professional, efficient and friendly. His orthotics service is excellent.
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