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To keep your feet in tip top condition talk to Andrew Boyle and Associates of Formby.

Welcome to Andrew Boyle & Associates, Healthpoint, Formby, practitioners in Chiropody and Podiatry.


 Prompt and professional care is the objectives at the Healthpoint surgery, says Andrew Boyle.

"Let's be honest, we ask so much of our feet – one of the most active areas of the body - yet often give so little in return. Think of the activities and demands we impose on our feet on a daily basis for a moment, we ask them to take us wherever we need to be and make huge demands on them in our daily lives, constantly and often with little care for them.


"Occasionally our feet protest and will not allow us to carry out those daily routines and activities without discomfort. Causes of this can be due to the natural anatomy of our feet, selection of footwear, simple overuse or the onset of injury. Alternatively there can be related health factors which adversely affect personal footcare.

"Good examples of this we see frequently at Andrew Boyle & Associates, Healthpoint Formby are in arthritic hands or poor eyesight, chronic back problems can be another. You may on the other hand suffer a general medical condition such as Diabetes or Rheumatoid Arthritis which can impact heavily on the health of the feet. Similarly, the demands here are met by the excellent footcare that we provide at Andrew Boyle & Associates, Healthpoint Formby.




Andrew Boyle & Associates, Healthpoint Formby – what do we do?




Stop for a moment and ask yourself if you suffer from any of the following conditions:


  • Ingrowing or thickened toenails
  • Corns
  • Calluses
  • Verrucas/warts
  • Athlete’s foot
  • Foot, ankle or knee pain


If you do, then we have good news! All of these conditions can be addressed. Healthpoint Formby we have the effective and efficient, solutions to your specific problem, offered in a friendly manner at a price you can afford, right here in Formby. 



Andrew Boyle – a little about me



. I have a wealth of experience in Chiropody/Podiatry over a period of some twenty-five years which began in the employ of the NHS with Southport and Formby Health Authority for four years in 1984. After this period I was awarded a post with Liverpool Health Authority in the Orthotics Department.


 In July of 2008, I was offered and accepted the prestigious appointment to provide the Podiatry services for The Open at Royal Birkdale.


In conjunction with my work for the NHS, I have developed my own highly successful private practice since 1991. 


Appointments and prices



Perhaps you haven’t considered the much-needed services of a skilled chiropodist/podiatrist previously? Currently we are able to offer our superb, high quality services at the following rates:


  • Initial appointments: £27
  • Routine and follow-up treatments: £23
  • Re-dressing appointments: £12
  • Nail surgery procedures: £200
  • Orthotics ranging from: £65


Is the discomfort and pain you’re experiencing really worth soldiering on with? Come along to our local premises in Formby and allow us take care of you and your feet in the best possible way.











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