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Bella Roma, Lisburn

Recommend it highly. There service was very good and the food was alo very good. The food also tastes fresh. Recommended for pizza lovers.

Revivals Exclusive Indian Restaurant, Lisburn

I use to live in England and have to say that this is better than most of the top Indians in England. I thought I was going to miss my Indians until I found Revivals. I have never tasted fresher food, and even though they are a bit in the countryside, it is all worth it. The staff is really good and friendly and the restaurant has a lovely warm feeling about it. It is perfect for a relaxing night out. Even their takeaways are brilliant and food is perfect every time. They also have Cobra on tap, which is great and their menu is very reasonably priced. Must tries are the Tandoori and the Punjabi dishes and their peshwari nans. I would highly recommend this restaurant and is perfect for a relaxing evening out.