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I agree with Fahad. Whether you are provided with a satisfactory cleaner by this company is pure luck. I persevered with Time for You for about 10 months and in that time had two different cleaners. The first failed to turn up so many times, often without notice, that I gave up and asked for a new cleaner who turned up a few times and then disappeared (again without notice or explanation). I followed up with the company but have not received a call back in two months. Neither have my keys been returned to me. When I asked them to have a word with the first cleaner about her attendance I was told that the money I paid to the company was for their having interviewed the cleaners before putting them on their books and did not actually entitle me to be refunded in the event that they failed to turn up . I did deal with one very nice girl with people skills (after they got their fee out of me - before that they were all nice) but others were surley and brusque. Presumably their view was that I was tied into a contract by then and they werenʼt bothered whether or not I was happy with the service, which seems rather short sighted for a local business. Using this company as a middle man is a waste of money. Try to find a cleaner independently as Time for You are very unhelpful and have no idea in any given month whether or not the cleaner turns up or how they are performing. The cleaners themselves said they rarely had any interaction with anyone from the company. They do not provide a good service or add any value whatsoever. NOT RECOMMENDED
Having read the review from Fahad G i truly believe that this person has got confused with another company. I have been with Time for you for the past 18 months and have had the same cleaner since i started. The staff are not only professional but also really seem to care about what they are doing. I feel that time for you offer a very personal service and i know that they are only a phone call away should a situation arise, although i have yet to experience any problems with them. I would not only recommend them to my friends but also to anyone in the area who is looking a cleaner
Rip-offs. Very poor service. Home grown cleaners with no professionalism whatsoever. Since we couldnʼt afford anyone else, we were stuck with them for a year, during which we got 7 cleaners changed! Some would not show up on time. Some did not know how to clean. Some were rude. Some just didnʼt show up at all! Breaking the contract was a nightmare. For 6 weeks we had NO cleaner at all and were promised a refund. However by the end of the contract, they conned us out of the 6 weeks after going into a complete denial that all that never happened. We then complained to the main head office, even to the director all in vain. Overall it was the worst experience ever. The cleaners left the place dirty and would at times skip sections in the house, later denying they ever did so. Would NOT recommend to ANYONE.
Excellant service, reliable and trustworthy cleaners. Very professional and friendly too. They visited my home on a monday, signed me up which took no more than 10 minutes and i had a cleaner by thursday who is brilliant! Would recommend it to anyone!
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