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After becoming locked out of our house on a cold Saturday morning we contacted Stephen who immediately came to our rescue. Upon arrival at the house he got straight to work and in a very short time had us back in our house with no damage done to any of the locks. Mr Hendrick was very professional, polite, friendly and very keenly priced. He even advised us on additional security measures to consider and improvements to our current security. Excellent all round service and I would highly recommend him to anyone in a similar predicament.
You know what itʼs like, out shopping for hours and hands full of bags. The kids were screaming and the wife had picture but no sound. Get to the car, flip the boot, chuck all the shopping in then slam the boot shut. Suddenly a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach ............ ahhhhh ! keys are locked in the boot aswell. A local shop (Lisburn Autostore) gave me Steveʼs mobile number. Within minutes a posh looking Locksmithʼs van arrived and I thought, Oh no, this is going to cost me.....oh how wrong I was. Steve put us all at ease, he cracked a few jokes making us laugh and before we knew it the car door was open, he tripped the boot and recovered my keys. Iʼm amazed, I havenʼt a clue what he did but he did it with no fuss, stress or worry whilst cheering us all up. He didnʼt make my wallet bleed either, itʼs the first time Iʼve handed over money with a smile on my face. If he was a woman Iʼd have kissed him. Thanks again for getting me out of trouble and for cheering up the wife. Excellent work , highly recommended to all.
I was locked out of my home at 2 in the morning, it was raining hard so I was soaked through to the skin, miserable and upset. The local Police gave me Steveʼs mobile number and after calling he was at my door within 15 minutes, with a warm friendly smile he produced an umbrella ! In no time at all he got me into my house without any damage. Heʼs my hero, his number is now locked into my phone. A qualified Locksmith at an affordable price. I didʼnt think people like him existed anymore .... my faith is restored. Heʼs cute to ;-) x
I met Mr Hendrick following a recent burglary at my home. On his arrival and throughout his work with us he was exceptionally understandable to our predicament at this very difficult time, he was polite, extremely trustworthy, very honest with his work practices and the work carried out on our home was excellent and very keenly priced. I would highly recommend Mr Hendrick to anybody requiring an honest proffessional and discreet locksmith.
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