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Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC
Member since: 22nd November 2016
Last login: 1st December 2019
Hometown: Lichfield
The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC provides opportunities for equal access to the arts through community engagement projects; working with artists to provide public art, events and exhibitions with the community and encouraging participation with visual arts and culture in any space. Our projects are found in a variety of areas around the UK and abroad, and we have established our base in Lichfield to bring support to the visual arts in this area. The Sculpture and Art Foundation CIC is a not for profit social enterprise which launched in June 2015. The foundation was set up to continue the work of artistic collaboration that developed in the Staffordshire area, and to provide support, arts strategy and community engagement where there were perceived gaps in provision of the arts within communities.
Our team has over 25 years business experience in the arts. Our recent projects that we are noted for in the Lichfield area have been: the creation of 'The Lichfield City Sculpture Trail' and App (part of 'The City of Sculpture' ongoing project); Lichfield Festival's Annual Visual Arts Exhibition; Stowe Pool Boat House Art Space and many more projects to date which may be seen on our website:
As co-director of the foundation my experience and passion in the Arts and Humanities will inform the content in this blog for The Best of Lichfield. I have been involved personally in the development of the visual arts in Lichfield since 2005 with the production of three large scale bronze statues in the immediate area, in the production of The award winning Best Event in Staffordshire 2017 and 2018 'The Cathedral Illuminated' and The Great Exhibition' with artistic collaboration 'Luxmuralis' and I aim to share with readers of The Best of Lichfield all the further artistic ventures that are yet to take place in Lichfield. Hope you enjoy the blog, Kathryn.