Staffordshire Network for Mental Health
Staffordshire Network for Mental Health
  • Unit GF05,
    Lichfield District Council House,
    Frog Lane,
    WS13 6HP
Staffordshire Network for Mental Health (SNMH), a small Lichfield based registered charity, has been operating since 2003 providing vital mental health services for local people.

The charity is an advocate for better mental health and wellbeing - and proactively promotes mental health and emotional wellbeing awareness through the Toolbox service. 

The dedicated team of staff and volunteers deliver essential mental wellbeing services and monitors - and responds - to local needs. The mission is to achieve an emotionally healthier and happier Staffordshire.

The charity is run through a Trustee board which has strong links with the local communities and each member brings valuable skills.

They have recently moved into their new offices at the Lichfield District Council in Frog Lane.

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