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22nd January 2015
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There has been talk of a slight depression when it comes to house prices in the UK, we see it all over the news but this butts head with the reality that it is widely recognised that the biggest problem is that the UK is not building enough homes. According to the housing charity Shelter, England needs 250,000 homes a year to keep up with growing demand… and (in reality) …the number of homes being built is less than half of this amount, and Lewisham is no exception.  So it has been recently revealed that just to meet demand Lewisham's has plans to build a new brightly coloured 'pop-up village' of factory-made housing on the demolished Ladywell Leisure Centre

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The interesting fact is that the development is only temporary. The council says the development will only exist on the site for up to four years before being taken down and relocated. It will be made using a new method that allows the homes to be built and relocated very quickly.

The thing is when it comes to your home, are people happy to be setup in such a temporary arrangement? Of course for some people it will be the ideal solution, but what we know is that many of us are looking for that permanent solution or more personalised service.  

Our local member Estate Agent, Rocodells, recognise that many of Lewisham residents are looking for those permanent housing and relocation solutions and have offered a great January deal of 0.9% on property sales, 10% management fee for landlords, and 6% lettings fee (minimums apply).

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