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Get fit, tone up and lose weight quickly by training with Team Fighting Fit in Leicester. Offering a unique style of combat fitness, they offer one to one personal training and group fitness classes.

Welcome To Team Fighting Fit

Elite personal training in Leicester

Unleash the Awesome

If you’re ready to get fitter, stronger, leaner and life a life full of confidence, energy and vitality then look no further than TEAM FIGHTING FIT - A personal training service in Leicester who are highly focussed on delivering clients results.

Our Team

Husband and wife team Fahad and Athena Maniar have combined their 30+ years of experience in Health and fitness with their passion for helping people to create a client focussed fitness company that focusses on delivering results.

Both Fahad and Athena bring their own flavour of training to the table including traditional training methods to the cutting edge in full body transformations as well as the effective weight loss and performance enhancing strength and conditioning strategies in MMA and Combat sports thanks to Fahad’s background as a professional fighter.
Team Fighting Fit offer a very personal service and offer both bespoke 1-2-1 solutions as well as their very popular Semi private coaching model which allows clients to receive highly individualised attention, coaching in exercise, nutrition and lifestyle and work with a dedicated coach in a small group of up to 6 people allowing you to receive a personal level service at a fraction of the cost of their elite 1-2-1 packages.

Of course, if nothing but the best is good enough for you and you want total dedication from your coach, our 1-2-1 elite packages are designed to be built around specific goals you may have.

Team Fighting Fit’s style of training is geared around being effective whilst being fun and varied. We utilise what works and gets results and incorporate traditional weight training, bodybuilding and transformation coaching with high intensity interval training including strength and conditioning drills utilised by top level fighters, kick boxers and Thai Boxers.


Are you a Warrior or a Valkyrie?

Both Athena and Fahad are passionate about helping people become fitter and stronger. Not just physically but also mentally in order to achieve the best in life and operate at an optimum level in all you do.

If you’re a female looking to work on your inner Valkyrie then Athena’s Valkyrie project will be just what you’re looking for. A training program dedicated to helping women find their strength, confidence and develop a body they’re comfortable and happy in.

Men will be happy to know that Fahad’s Project Warrior is all about helping them become the best man they can be by developing strength not only physically but also developing their mental fortitude through fitness and martial arts training.

We offer both ladies only and mens only sessions and offer a thorough service including full nutrition coaching, lifestyle support, body fat testing, supplements and fit foods and full after care support.

Why we’re different:

- You will work with a dedicated coach who will be as invested in your journey as you are

- We focus on getting our clients the results they want

- We believe in a holistic approach to health and fitness and will help you not only with your exercise and diet but also with your mindset

- You will get to work with us in our private studio facility in the Hamilton area of Leicester.


Services Include

One to One Personal Training

If you don’t like the idea of group fitness classes, Team Fighting Fit offers one to one sessions tailored to meet your health and fitness objectives.

Having the ultimate attention of your coach, one to one sessions will enable you to have an effective training programme made totally for you.

During your one to one assessment, you will receive nutritional goals and then a complete training programme comprising weight training, bodyweight resistance training and combat based cardio and conditioning training.

Call today to apply for a Discovery session.

Morning Warrior Sessions (groups of three or more people)

Fancy a work out before going to work? Morning Warrior sessions are a great way to start the day and offer a complete circuit based programme at 6:45am! Complete each session with a “green smoothie” for improved energy and concentration.


Fighting Fit Bootcamp

For those who drastically want to improve their look and fitness, this 12 week enjoyable, yet intense programme will help you burn fat and tone up. The boot camp includes weight training, bodyweight resistance training, combat sport specific conditioning training and nutritional tips.


Ladies Only Fighting Fit Camp

The Ladies Only Fighting Fit Camp offers the same as the above but for ladies only.

Get on the FAST track with one to one Kickboxing and Muay Thai coaching!

A great way to learn the art of Muay Thai or Kickboxing with full guided tuition.


Why Choose Team Fighting Fit?

It’s simple ….

You will receive a professional service, expert knowledge and a unique style of training
Fahad gets results fast and is known as a “wizard of fat loss”
Fahad is passionate about fitness and is very motivating
Fahad will help you identify and achieve your health and fitness goals
You will achieve results in a safe and quick way.

If you want to improve your energy and fitness, train with Team Fighting Fit – they will help you achieve, healthy, positive results.

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