What Do You Offer?
15th November 2011
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Special offers are like a super-secret code for unlocking new sales opportunities and introducing yourself to new buyers. I say “super-secret” because so many companies fail to use them effectively. And many others don’t use them at all.

Some businesses don’t want to make offers. They think doing so will undervalue their product or company. To those headstrong owners, let me ask this: how much value will your product have to someone who never buys it? Someone who never takes a leap and becomes your customer at all?

Think of offers like this. They remove the barrier to entry in working with you. They make it easier for a buyer to give your business a try. Use offers to get them on your website, on the phone, or in your door the first time. Then use offers to keep them as loyal customers. And if they ever do cease being loyal, use an offer to incentivize them back into the fold.

See how offers can and should be used in your sales process to make more sales, keep more customers and make more money?

Instant motivation

Customers need a good reason to buy from you. And, like it or not, the quality of your product alone isn’t enough. Offers are one of the most useful marketing vehicles of all to create real, honest-to-goodness sales. But it gets better. Offers motivate buyers immediately and drive sales quickly.

Marketing is most powerful when it motivates the customer to buy—NOW! The motivation has to be something they care about. It has to be something of value they get for free or that saves them considerable money. Besides coupons and price reductions, you can offer entry into a high value drawing like an iPad.

The ideas for offers are endless. You have to make the buyer care about the offer.

Offers for referrals

Apply offers to customers who refer you! This is a wonderful way to say “thank you,” and it’s ROI for you. After all, you can use more referrals, can’t you? Always be thinking of reasons for people to give you referrals. Offer discounts for qualified referrals, entries into drawings, “thank you” [link] gifts and more. This helps build good will with the customer and keeps you where you always need to be—right in front of them.

If selling is important to you, then offers should be too. Use offers that your customers will care about effectively and frequently, and they will pay off in big ways.

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