Spring is in the Air - Make Sure it's in Your Body Too!
6th March 2012
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Spring at the Arnside Natural Health and Beauty Clinic 

Spring is a time when we wake up from the winter slumber and take action. The Solar Plexus Chakra is important at this time of year as the energies of the spring equinox shifts the balance from incubation into action, that we notice in nature and in ourselves! At the Natural Health and Beauty Clinic in Arnside, the Practitioners are ready for everything spring brings, for our mind, body and soul.

Vicki, our Sports Massage Therapist can help you get ready for this increase in physical activity, with the spring and summer sporting calendar upon us. Even if you are just getting ready to do a little bit more in the garden after the winter break, Sports Massage can help to fine tune muscle fibre and can reduce your chances of aches and pains or injury early in the season. A massage after a match, game, gardening or DIY session can help to reduce muscle tiredness and enable you to be prepared for ongoing activity. Whether you’re completing a 20 mile run or your first fell walk of the season, sports massage is not just for those competing on the sports field, it can benefit everyone.

Rosy, Flower Essence Therapist and Doula, has created a Spring Clean Essence Spray, to help you clear out and freshen up your home, and she can tailor this to your needs. She is also preparing for issues of balance that come up at the spring equinox, planning creative exercises to enable you to explore the notion of inner balance, emotionally and spiritually. As a Doula, she knows that spring can bring about urges for creativity, new life and for conceiving children. Rosy offers support for women/couples who would like to conceive, offering creative sessions focussing on their inner path up to this important gateway. 

Claudia, Registered nurse, Acupuncturist and Holistic Therapist, can also help with fertility and nutrition during this pre-conception phase. During March/April Claudia recommends that hayfever sufferers should have treatments in order to be geared up for the late spring and summer. She finds that many people benefit from Electronic Gem Therapy at this time of year, which assists with flu-like symptoms and asthma. This is also a good therapy for those who suffer with eczema or psoriasis who would like their skin to look good for the warmer season. 

Our Reiki Therapists also have a deep understanding of the energetic balance at the Spring Equinox. Reiki can help balance our energetic fields and our chakras especially that all-important Solar Plexus Chakra, linked with action, motivation, activity and power.

On the beauty side of things, our Therapists can help boost self-esteem, and get rid of that tired, pale feeling left over from winter, with a facial, a spray tan or a manicure. They are ready to provide all manner of beauty treatments for people who would like to prepare for a spring break away or a spring wedding.

Claudia’s Spring Health Tip: Try drinking one or two cups of nettle tea per day to detoxify the body and rejuvenate the blood. Safe for everyone to use!

Everyone at the Clinic wishes you a Very Happy Spring, and we hope you can take advantage of the energies that spring can bring. 

For more information on Spring Offers, please phone 01524 762 539 or look at the Clinic website at www.naturalhealthandbeautyclinic.co.uk

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