September Offer - Free video Production for New Business Members
12th September 2011
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Did you know that You Tube now rivals Google in the number of searches made daily? 

Have you noticed that when you buy new equipment you don’t get an instruction booklet anymore, instead being referred to a video of how to use the product on You Tube? 

Looking at the top web sites have you noticed that when the page opens the first thing that happens is that their promotional video starts to play? 

The reason that people use video on web sites is it’s a great way to get your message over to prospective customers and to quickly get their attention. 

Statistics show that if you hold some-ones attention on your web site for more than 30 seconds you have done very well – and there is no way that they can read, and digest, the entire content of your web site in 30 seconds! 

In most cases, by adding a short video, prospective customers will tend to watch until the end getting the full impact of your message. 

But to add a video to my web page will be expensive I can hear you say? Not to new Business Members of the bestof Lancaster it isn’t! 

During September we will include production of a short – 3 minute – promotional video to add to your bestof Lancaster web feature and once it is uploaded we will post it onto You Tube, and give you the link, so that you can add it to your web page as well as attach it to emails, invoices, statements, letters, etc., and any other links, so that all your existing customers and prospects can view it as well. 

Not only do new Business Members get the video production but also all the other 17 Essential Marketing tools that thebestof Lancaster uses to promote, feature and showcase them. 

To see them all, and a short video about how thebestof Lancaster can raise your profile and attract new business locally, go to 

Then contact me David Morgan. Tel:  07877 346450 Email:

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