School in Uganda becomes a reality thanks to a Lancaster man
28th May 2012
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In 2006 Mike Willetts of Lancaster travelled to Uganda with the idea that he might find a project to which he could apply some funds that he had raised.

Eventually he was introduced to Kitale B in the Mukono District where he met with the community elders. At that time the community had no wells, no latrines and little in the way of self-sufficiency by way of food production.

When asked what they would like most the elders replied that they wished for a school for their orphans.

What a far sighted response this turned out to be. Education is valued highly by everyone in Uganda, but clearly by educating the people of the area you not only give them the benefits of traditional education but you also can educate them to be self-sufficient and be able to provide for themselves.

So this is a charity that uses 100% of funds raised for projects that are carried out by the villagers themselves under the supervision of the charity.

In six years the school has been built, and extended, to now teach 290 children in 7 classrooms. There is an office, a library and a staffroom for the seven teachers, a community liaison officer, a maintenance man and a projects manager.

There is also a cookhouse and store to feed the children every day and recently a new project has been started to grow their own food.

Additionally they have also created eight fresh water wells to ensure regular, fresh, clean water free of contamination and disease. These fresh water sources now help over 7,000 people have access to good clean water where there was previously none.

All this is achieved on less than £20,000 per year!!

The eventual aim for the community of Kitale is to be totally self-sufficient and both in education and culturally.

The Prime Minister of Uganda, The Education Secretary and many others amongst political and cultural sections are supporting the Charity’s efforts.

Over the next few years, with a combination of education, training, micro-finance and village savings and loan schemes it is anticipated that groups will be trained ready to farm this plentiful agricultural land in partnership with the community.

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