Part-time Finance Directors for New, Small & Medium Size Companies
22nd November 2011
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Threepointone Launches iFD 

Part-time Finance Directors for New, Small & Medium Size Companies

iFD is a new initiative launched in response to feedback from new and growing businesses that are looking for high-level financial support, but either do not want or can't justify a full-time Finance Director. iFD is the "intelligent" solution - bringing financial expertise to ambitious businesses in a flexible and affordable way. 

iFD provides businesses with highly-qualified and commercially-focussed accounting expertise on a part-time or short-term basis. Just like the full-time Finance Director, a part-time FD works in your business, operating at a strategic level and adding value by applying their knowledge and experience to help your business succeed - the only difference being that they offer greater flexibility and come at a lower cost. 

The work varies from client to client, but typical assignments include:

- Preparing or reviewing strategic business plans

- Evaluating and enhancing business performance

- Managing cash flow requirements

- Supporting applications for funding

- Monitoring business risks and opportunities

- Liaising with external parties such as banks and accountants

The role of the FD is very much strategic and forward-looking. You wouldn't expect them to get involved in transaction processing or accounts preparation - that's what your bookkeeper or accountant is for. 

The part-time Finance Director is a surprisingly affordable option, particularly as you are only paying for the days you need and won't have any associated employment costs. In any event, this should be viewed as an investment rather than a cost, since a part-time Finance Director will deliver financial benefits to your business that are far in excess of their fee. 

To learn more about employing a part-time Finance Director contact Vicki Askham at threepointone Ltd Tel: 01524 899 542 Email: 

To read the full article and to learn more about Vicki Askham and threepointone Ltd visit


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