Is There Room in Your Home For A Dog?
7th September 2011
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It’s hard to believe the number of dogs that need new, permanent homes in the Lancaster and Morecambe area. 

Policy of the Lancaster City Council, along with other Councils around the country, is that dogs collected by their Dog Warden – be they stray, lost or just unwanted - are kept for seven days. 

At the end of that time any animals that have not been claimed are destroyed! 

Not in the Lancaster and Morecambe area thankfully. At the end of the statutory period Wolfwood Animal Sanctuary steps in and takes over the rehoming, and in some cases, the retraining of these dogs. 

Last week alone 6 dogs were saved from being put down by this local charity. 

The problem is that if homes for these unwanted canines are not found quickly their numbers can soon grow, stretching the kennels both in resources and finances. 

Last week Wolfwood had 31 dogs on their books seeking new homes. Fortunately 6 of these were out on home trials but that still leaves 25 who are desperate to be in the centre of a loving home. 

But there are two sides to the problem. Not only are there not enough people coming forward to rehome all of the animals, but some people view certain breeds by their reputation – often an undeserved reputation – and are put off even trying to get to know the individual dogs. 

Such is the case of Rusty, a four year old Staffy who has now been at Wolfwood for sixteen months. 

He would dearly love a new home and his suitability for rehoming has been assessed by Kirsty of Kirstys Pet Clinic, a trained Dog Behaviourist who works with the Charity. 

Additionally, you can rest assured that the staff at Wolfwood will only recommend an animal to you if they suit your particular circumstances – hence the need for initial trial home visits. 

Can you help? To arrange to view the dogs currently seeking rehoming contact Wolfwood

Tel: 07931 220094 or Email:  

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