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12th December 2011
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Why is it so many people forget to look after their feet?

In these days of new hips, new knees, transplants of various organs, facelifts etc. – the poor old feet are left to fend for themselves and throughout your life you only have one pair!

As someone who has looked after and advised people about foot care for 18 years I am still amazed about how low down the list of priorities feet come in most people’s agenda.  If there is one message I would like to get across to the general public is look after your feet and they will look after you.

In my time as a foot health professional (chiropodist) both here and abroad I have treated wide variety of problems – a few serious ones some of which I have had to refer to a specialist – but on the whole they are minor and with a little care and regular attention most people’s feet can get along fine!

Nail cutting may seem a minor task in the great scheme of things – but bad nail cutting can cause a whole range of problems from infections to ingrowing nails.  As people get older nails are inclined to get thicker and ordinary clippers do not cut the nails properly leaving them misshapen and ragged.  If you need help seek out a professional who will be able to give advice and for a small charge will be able to cut the nails in the correct manner.  In the cost they will check out your feet and give them a general MOT and will deal with any other problems like corns, callous, fungus, verrucae etc.  

Before going to the pharmacist it always best to check with someone who knows what the problem is – I would be a rich man if I had a £1 for every time a patient had told me on the phone that they had a verruca and it has turned out to be a corn and vice versa.

My initial fee for an appointment at the clinic (about 45 mins) is £20 and that includes nail cutting, basic treatment and a foot massage. Why not treat yourself afterwards to a pedicure?  For two in one only £35.

This article is by Ian Pithers Chiropodist of The Natural Health & Beauty Clinic Arnside.

To contact Ian tel 01524 762 539 or visit their Web Feature on thebestof Lancaster at where you can view all their Member Offers

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