Charles Martin Finance Joins Thebestof Lancaster
21st February 2012
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Charles Martin Finance Joins Thebestof Lancaster

Thebestof Lancaster are delighted to welcome Charles Martin Finance of Morecambe as a Business Member specialising in, amongst other services, Mortgages, Equity Release products and Commercial Finance.

Charles is a local person and business that has been providing premier services to the Lancaster and Morecambe area in particular, and the North West in general, for sixteen years and has a wealth of testimonials from pleased and satisfied customers.

Below is a short biography about him and some of the things he has been involved in locally over the last 40+ years.

Originally from Leeds,  I taught and performed in Manchester ,  after obtaining my degree from the  “Royal Manchester College of Music”.  

In 1979, I moved into the area with my family, - Pauline, (who I have been married to for over 35 years) and sons -  Terence & Daniel. Having spent over half of my life living and working in Lancaster and Morecambe, I now regard the area as my true home.  

Many local people will know me from when I was a lecturer at “Lancaster & Morecambe College” or as a performer in local Pubs and Clubs - stage name   “Chas- King of the Keyboards”!! 

I lectured in Performing Arts and General Studies at the College, working with students from all types of Industries and Services. So I can truly say, I know a little about most jobs. In 1992 I left the College moving to schools, finishing my teaching career as “Head of Music”. 

However in 1996 all that changed. - Why did I leave teaching and enter “Financial Services” you may ask? Simple- two reasons - teaching made me ill and I wanted to be my own Boss. If it goes wrong then it is down to me- I cannot blame anyone else.  Entering “financial services”,  I began as a “tied life agent” and then became an “I.F.A.”,   before concentrating on Mortgages and Business Finance.  

You may wonder why “Business Finance” – well many of my clients are in “business” and often require specialist help and advice regarding finance. They need to talk to someone they know, someone they trust, who can provide sensible, realistic advice and not place demands on them that are usually onerous.  I’ve always believed – tell it like it is; don’t waffle and that is something my clients appreciate. If it can be done I will do it, and if not, then I’ll provide the next best solution. 

The majority of people in this area are over the age of 55 and I realised that despite their age and experience, many need help and advice on how to have more money in their pocket, and how to enjoy their retirement without having to look after the pennies and pounds. They also need advice on what to do about their “estates” and they worry about “what will become of me”? These are questions we all face.

So I took the relevant exams and now “offer” not just “equity release schemes”, but also advice on how to ensure that clients have things “right”.  So when I talk to clients I ask them, regardless of who they are,  what are their dreams, their hopes. That becomes our goal. 

I‘ve always enjoyed helping others reach their potential, obtaining their dreams.  And you know what? – I like a challenge. 

That’s why I probably offer more products and services than any other local or even regional financial service business. When the Banks say  “NO” talk to me. If the lender says  “you need to do this, “ give me a ring and let’s see if that’s the case. If you want to move on,  email me, I’m only too happy to have a chat and suggest things you can do. 

You know the hardest thing you need to do? – simple - pick up that, phone, or email me – then together we can talk it through. I look forward to hearing and hopefully meeting you. 

If you would like advice or help you can contact Charles at:

Tel: 0845 1307263 Mob: 07877 272 815 Email:

OR visit his Web Feature and read his testimonials and member offers on thebestof Lancaster: 


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