Banks Lyon Show how Businesses can still Thrive on the High Street Without Selling Online
6th March 2012
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Banks Lyon Show how Businesses can still Thrive on the High Street Without Selling Online

Banks Lyon Jewellers of Lancaster offer an insight into how the booming of ecommerce and internet retailing does not have to mean the death of the high street, and in their case can mean exactly the opposite.

(PRWEB UK) 1 March 2012 

It is no secret that in recent years the trends amongst consumers have shifted dramatically and many are now turning their backs on high street stores in favour of online retailers. These changes are evident in numerous town centres across the country with the common sight of empty retail units lining once bustling high streets. Many blame the prevalence of online retailing, but Banks Lyon of Lancaster have recently published a blog discussing how they have made use of their online presence to attract customers into the store, rather than deter them. 

The blog explains Banks Lyon’s unique approach to online retailing, where ‘click to buy’ simply isn’t an option. Instead they encourage their customers to use their website as a ‘digital shop window’ and make enquires about watches and jewellery displayed online, allowing ‘personal shoppers’ to assess their needs and arrange for the customer to visit the show room in Lancaster.

With the national press in the UK frequently running stories about ‘the death of the British high Street’, Rodney Banks Lyon FGA Managing Director, felt that it was high time to share some insight into how his company have managed to utilise online retailing, often cited as the cause of the high street’s decline, to thrive. 

“Our decision to stay away from the familiar “e-commerce” business model is a result of our passion for upholding old fashioned family values and superb customer service. Regrettably, this experience is something that is lost when purchasing products online… With such a great deal of media focus on the decline of high streets lately we thought it was time to tell people how we’ve used online marketing to fill our shop rather than empty it!” – Rodney Banks Lyon 

There is no doubt that this unique approach to online trade has been successful with business booming for this independent jeweller. Rather than allowing the pressure exerted on high street stores by online retailing to become a stumbling block, Banks Lyon have grabbed the bull by the horns and developed a method of online retailing that has seen the number of customers visiting their premises skyrocket instead of dwindle. Banks Lyon’s reputation hasn’t gone unnoticed in their industry either, and internationally renowned brands such as Rolex Watches have been affiliated with Banks Lyon for many years. 

Their success speaks for itself with Banks Lyon now considered to be one of the top three outlets for Omega watches in the North of England. This is no small feat, particularly when you consider their location in the relatively small and isolated city of Lancaster and the competition they face from outlets in much larger and busier cities such as nearby Liverpool and Manchester. The shop has even received overseas visitors from as far afield as America and China, often on their way to the nearby Lake District, who have been enticed online by Banks Lyon’s selection of timepieces from world famous brands such as Omega, Cartier, TAG Heuer and Breitling Watches to name but a few. 

If this approach has worked so effectively for Banks Lyon then perhaps there is hope for other high street retailers who may also consider utilising their online presence to encourage, rather than deter customers from their stores. Quality customer service and the expertise of truly dedicated shop staff who know everything there is to about their products is something that many shoppers find to be missing from the world of online shopping where consumers simply click to buy the products they desire. The act of actually visiting a premises, being able to see and handle the goods on offer and hear informed opinions about their suitability for a customers needs are all factors that make the experience of purchasing, particularly high end goods such as the watches offered by Banks Lyon, an infinitely more satisfying and fulfilling experience. 

After so many years of relying on online shopping for its speed and apparent convenience it seems that for Banks Lyon at least, that customers are beginning to realise what they have been missing. 

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