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Be careful here, called at 5.30pm for an emergency Dentist appointment. Was told the dentist finished at 7pm and couldn't see any more patients even though the website advertises it is open until 10am. I guess it is, with a booked appointment. Hardly an emergency service.
smile centre has been amazing, I have had braces for the last two years and they have been a great support, I started of at another dentist and was not pleased with the service provided and one of my relatives recommended smile centre... and I have never looked back
I’ve been a patient at the Surbiton Smile Centre for more than 5 years. During that time I’ve visited many times and Simin has carried out a series of complicated and lengthy procedures. Recently I have had a dental implant put into my upper jaw. It involved a number of visits, all of which went very smoothly and whilst it is a long process it was broken down into small very manageable chunks, which made the overall experience positive. I was very well looked after and I’m very happy with the implant that Simin put in for me. The team at SSC go out of their way to find an appointment time to suit me and are very welcoming. Simin is always very calm, reassuring and she takes the time to explain what is going to happen and how long it’s going to take. I don’t enjoy going to the dentist, but I do enjoy going to SSC!
Surbiton Smile Centre team, I would like to thank you for the excellent care I have received from you and, in particular, your friendliness, compassion and patience with my disable husband in helping him in and out of the surgery and giving him the special attention he needs. If only "going to the dentist" had been such a comfortable experience years ago, I would, I am sure, have many more teeth left then I have!
After looking around at my options for orthodontist treatment in the Kingston area, Surbiton Smile Centre stood head and shoulders above the rest. Whilst others wanted to remove a perfectly good tooth, Dr. Lucy Davenport-Jones reassured me this was not necessary. Lucy and all the team provide a fantastic service. They show real interest and enthusiasm over my progress and make me feel at ease at every appointment. I value their professional and honest opinions and they have helped me make the right decisions during my treatment. I am so glad I chose to have ceramic braces over invisalign - my teeth are moving amazingly quickly.
I wanted to say how impressed and thankful I am to finally have found a GREAT dentist here in the UK. Your thoroughness, explanations, and guidance was first class. I have already recommended you to several teachers at ACS Cobham school and they are equally as excited to try out your practice. Wendy also, did a fantastic job cleaning my teeth.
I have been attending the Surbiton Smile Centre for 5 years and during this time my teeth and gums have been restored to a healthy condition and are much better in appearance. The service received from Dr Soltani and her team has always been to a very high professional standard and her clinic is very clean with modern equipment. Overall, I would highly recommend the Surbiton Smile Centre.
For as long as I can remember I have been conscious of the way my teeth look when I smile. I had always assumed that getting them straightened would be a lengthy and very expensive procedure and so had never really bothered looking into it. When my dentist recommended the Inman Aligner it seemed too good to be true, with only 4 months to go until my wedding I started treatment and it is one of the best things I have ever done. Moulds were taken at my initial consultation and the Inman Aligner arrived within 2 weeks, I had appointments roughly 2 weeks apart and was astonished at what a big difference the Inman Aligner can make in such a short amount of time. There is a small amount of pain and discomfort, but this was no more than I expected from a process that moves teeth and the fact that you can remove the aligner for important meetings was a huge benefit. After only nine weeks my teeth are now straight, thanks to the Inman Aligner I can smile on my wedding day with confidence. I would like to thank you again for helping to make such a huge difference for me.
I am so happy with my results achieved through the Enlighten teeth whitening. I had become increasingly unhappy with the discolouring of my teeth and was becoming self conscious when smiling especially as one of my front teeth had died years ago and was slowing turning a darker shade of grey. I had visited another dentist a year prior who had put me off with talk of root canal, veeners etc. on my dead tooth with a cost of over £1,000. I didn't want to start messing with a front tooth in this way so I didn't go ahead. I thought this was going to be my only option until I had a consultation with Simin who explained my dead tooth was stable and as long as I kept it monitored I wouldn't have to have root canal as a matter of course. Simin recommended we try tooth whitening alone. So my dead tooth was bleached two weeks ahead of the rest of my teeth and then all together for a further two weeks to get a uniform result. I am so pleased with the results and 8 months down the line I'm still very happy. After a couple of weeks of the last surgery whitening I did find that my teeth lost their brightest white that had been achieved but as I drink tea once or twice a day I suppose that is to be expected. I have to top up once or twice a month to keep a shade that I am happy with so there will always be an element of maintenance but I would thoroghly recommend giving it a go especially if you have a dead tooth, which I notice is not uncommon so before you go through with capping or veneers it may be worth a try.
I had an implant put in by the dental implant specialist at the Surbiton Smile Centre. The whole procedure was handled very professionally and they did an excellent job. The after care was good and the staff at this local dental practice are always nice and friendly. I can highly recommend them to anyone seeking professional dentistry in Surbiton.
I highly recommend Surbiton Smile Centre not just because it is fairly local to me and has parking right outside but because I find the practice colourful and relaxing. The staff treat me like a friend when I visit and the very high standard of dentistry by Dr Soltani and the Hygienist Wendy is at Harley Street level of excellence. I am very happy with my new smile thanks to Surbiton Smile Centre
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