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STEM4 is a South West London based charity organisation, actively encouraging early identification and prevention of mental health illness in teenagers and young people. We provide this support and advice through our website and workshops and offer our services throughout Kingston, Surbiton, New Malden and South West London.




Stemming teenage mental illness

Supporting teenage mental health


STEM4 targets early identification of commonly occurring mental health issues in teenagers. We aim to raise awareness and enhance detection, education and motivation.




Based in South West London, STEM4 is a charity aimed at improving teenage mental health by stemming commonly occurring mental health issues at an early stage.


The charity was founded by Dr Nihara Krause, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist. The charity is based on the knowledge that a difference can be made in preventing serious and often long lasting mental health problems in teenagers, such as alcohol abuse or eating disorders.


STEM4 makes an effective difference by providing people with information on recognising early warning signs and symptoms as well as by providing effective strategies in halting these conditions early.


Emphasis on the prevention of mental health conditions is backed by recent Government initiatives and is recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence in the UK.


Young people have just as much right to accessing facts about promoting good mental health as they do good physical health. Yet there is a lack of accurate information available on mental health issues, embarrassment or social stigma, and confusion about what may be normal development versus the development of an early mental health issue.



STEM4 targets four specific areas:


  • Eating Disorders
  • Depression
  • Self Harm
  • Addiction


These conditions occur in early life and continue with significant consequences into adult life.


STEM4 also targets four groups:


  • Young people affected by the conditions
  • Their friends
  • Their families and carers
  • Schools




Services we offer




  • Website information on identification, intervention and effective management
  • Downloadable documents on issues including schools policy development, confidentiality, eating protocols
  • Self help strategies
  • Talks through schools to young people, peer counsellors, staff and parents
  • Specific training programmes, such as to school nurses
  • Resources in terms of referral




  • A range of training packages for schools, comprising workshops lead by a qualified mental health professional
  • Our training is developed for students, parents, peer counsellors and teachers


Schools conferences


  • Featuring well-known speakers on relevant topics
  • Forums to discuss your school's concerns or to share in developing policy





STEM4 is Special because:


  1. We offer an early detection service
  2. We cover four areas of teenage mental health
  3. Information provided is evidence based
  4. We work with schools
  5. Our workshops are run by qualified mental health professionals



Please do visit our website HERE to find out more about STEM4 and all that we offer to help stem teenage mental illness and support teenage mental health




Supporting STEM4

STEM4 is funded entirely by our supporters - we receive no money from government or other public bodies. We rely on donations from individuals, charitable trusts and companies to do our work. The charity is run by volunteers, keeping overheads to a minimum.

You may make a single, one-off gift or a regular commitment. Whichever you choose, please consider gift aiding your donation, or making a matched gift, as these can significantly increase the value of your gift to STEM4 at no additional cost to you.


If you wish to find out more about making a donation please follow this link HERE




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