Why I'm saying 'Yes to fairer votes'
7th April 2011
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Yesterday, Wyre Forest's returning officer, Ian Miller led 10 students at Stourport Sixth form through a mock count for next month's referendum that could see the system used to elect MPs changed.

Unfortunately, as a candidate in the local election, I can't take part in the AV count, but I was able to sit in on the practice to see how the process works. 

I'll be the first to admit that electoral systems are not the most exciting of topics, but I think people can see that a change from 'First Past the Post' is necessary and makes sense. 

This referendum will probably be the only opportunity for a generation we get to have a say on our voting system and it is a real chance for change. The choice presented to us is to stick with a system where an MP can be elected on 1/5th of the votes or if we want to change to one which is good for voters and good for democracy. 

To me a cross in a box is a rather blunt way of expressing our political beliefs, in actual fact our ideas are far more sophisticated than that. Voters will surely agree with aspects of more than one party, 'First Past the Post' forces them to choose, AV puts the power in the hands of the voter and let's them rank the parties on how they really feel about them.

The Alternative Vote allows us to make a sophisticated political comment, through uncomplicated means. Its as easy as 1,2,3 and that's why I'm saying Yes to AV on May 5th.  



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