Suspicious Incident Involving Schoolgirl In Stourport
26th May 2011
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Police are appealing for information after a man told a schoolgirl to get into his car.

It happened at around 8.35am yesterday, Thursday 31 March, in Park Avenue, Stourport, near the old Lickhill Middle School site.

The 11-year-old girl was waiting for a lift for a friend's mother when man told her to get into his car. She screamed and ran off.

The man is described as white, in his mid 40s, of slim build, with black and greying hair which was slightly curly and brushed back, a square face, clean shaven, wearing glasses and smartly dressed in a dark suit, and with an accent which is described as slightly posh and not local. He was driving a black estate-type car, possibly either a BMW 5 series or a Saab 95.

Local policing officer PC Andy Brooks said: "No attempt was made to force the girl into the car, and at present this is being treated as a suspicious incident. We want to stress that incidents of this type are extremely unusual. Patrols have been increased and officers are paying reassurance visits to schools.

"We would like to appeal for witnesses or anyone with information to contact West Mercia Police on 0300 333 3000 or ring Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111."

The following safety advice for travelling to and from school is from the Suzy Lamplugh Trust.

  • If possible travel with a friend - a group of you would be even better.
  • Stay alert - keep an eye on everything that is happening around and in front of you.
  • Keep both hands free and don't weigh yourself down with lots of heavy bags - you need to be able to move easily.
  • Trust your instincts - if you have a 'funny feeling' about someone or something, don't ignore it, act on it straight away.
  • Take the route you know best and stick to well-lit, busy streets.
  • Avoid danger spots like subways, badly lit areas or anywhere where you do not have good all round vision.
  • Walk in the middle of the pavement, facing oncoming traffic.
  • Think about your route home. Where would be a safe place to go if something went wrong? Safe places might be busy places like shops or garages, friends' houses or a police station.
  • Have your keys ready so you can get into your home quickly.


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