Security and CCTV in Kidderminster
4th November 2008
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With Christmas approaching, our security must be a key consideration. We need to keep our homes safe; many of us spend a fortune on Christmas Presents at this time of year, with often little regard for keeping them safe. Unfortunately, it's not just santa that is active during the festive season.

For expert advice on all aspects of commercial and domestic security and CCTV, speak to local experts Global Security. Find out more about them:

As well as keeping your home safe, many of us go out and about in Kidderminster celebrating. A report has been drawn up recently, which sadly shows the poor response time, when dealing with criminal incidents caught on cctv in Kidderminster. This is due to the cameras being monitored over 10 miles away. Read the full report at:

So, at this time of celebration, please take extra care of yourself, your loved ones and your possessions.

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