Save the chickens!
14th April 2008
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The Best Of Kidderminster recently ran a b2b networking event at Wharton Park Golf Club ( The event was a great success and raised money for a very worthwhile local charity. Details of the charity are below. If you would like any more information about fundraising or other local business networking events, please email me at:

Brief details of the charity are below

Battery Hen Welfare Trust (

The aim of this site is to inspire as many of you as possible to do all you can to help us achieve a better future for the 20 million battery hens currently in their cages.

The Battery Hen Welfare Trust is unique in that it does NOT condemn the battery farmer, but works in a constructive and positive way with the industry. We do not concur with extremist views or tactics.

We are not associated with any other organisation or group linked in any way to battery hens and seek to build only positive, constructive and mutually beneficial relationships with all those concerned with the egg industry

Big thanks must also go to a local company called Wooden Art, who donated a chicken house for the event, which the charity are auctioning, and have raised over Ã'£300 already. Please support them. Details are below:

woodenart (

Upper Aston Farm

Upper Aston,




07874 150313

woodenart is a family business based in Shropshire. For generations our family have been skilled carpenters and we use our knowledge of the craft and materials to manufacture beautiful, innovative high quality pieces of art in wood. We are very proud of our reputation as the premier manufacturer of High Quality Pet and Animal Housing and our Customer Service which will ensure your woodenart experience is an enjoyable one.

We specialise in Housing for Pets and Animals, and all of our products are researched, designed and handmade with pride by ourselves. We also provide a delivery and erection service for our larger Chicken Housing and Cat Housing, so the people responsible for making your product will also deliver and install for you, and as Chicken keepers ourselves we can provide lots of advice and information to the new Chicken Keeper.

As British manufacturers we always try to use materials and services sourced in Great Britain, this is not the most economical policy but we sleep easy knowing weʼre not exploiting ʼsweat shopʼ labour in emerging countries and hopefully helping other British companies survive in a tough world market, plus British quality really is Great.

We support organisations and individuals who help and recue unfortunate animals, we always offer discounts to such organisations and individuals, all you have to do is contact us.

In addition to our own range of products, we are able to make custom made pieces, if you have a particular idea or request please share it with us and we will be delighted to help you, any of our products can be adapted to your needs, just ask!

If you have any questions about our products and service, or just want advice, we are very happy to do so,
telephone Mark on 07874 150313, evenings and weekends no problem !

If you would like to visit us to collect, discuss or view our products, please contact us to make an appointment, weʼd be very happy to see you

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