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8th October 2008
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A friend of mine introduced me to a fantastic, zero cost, no obligation way of saving myself and my friends some money today. Sounds too good to be true?

That's what I thought too, but it's an example of just how forward-thinking some of the major retailers like Woolworths, PC World, HMV and Debenhams, to name but a few, are becoming. They are using a cheap form of marketing called an affiliate scheme, which gains them more customers by offering those customers a form of incentive/cashback.

The rise of affiliate/viral marketing methods like this are increasing in popularity, as the cost of traditional marketing such as Radio and TV are spiralling to frightening levels. Along with the titanic rise of social networking sites such as Bebo, Facebook and MySpace, many vendors are taking advantage of the power of a quick, effective way of reaching a large number of customers very quickly.

Ok enough of the history lesson I hear you say!

How do you save money? Two simple steps...

STEP ONE, visit my website at which tells you all about it. It also shows you the retailers offering you a range of special offers, products and services. When you've had a good look around the shops...

STEP TWO, click in the top right hand corner, where it says FIND OUT MORE. From here you can create your own online shopping portal, just like mine, totally free of charge, and with no obligation to buy. After that, when it's time to buy christmas presents etc. etc. just go via your own free website to click through to the supplier you want, instead of going to the vendor's website directly by typing in the address. For everything you buy in this manner, you will receive money/cashback, via cheque or to your paypal account.

To answer the most obvious question before you ask it, NO you can't go to ei42 directly, as you must have been referred from an existing customer of theirs, like myself.

That's it! No catches or scams here, just a way for you to save money, and for the vendor to make new/more regular customers at a cheap marketing cost!

Happy Shopping :)

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