Kidderminster - a town full of potholes?
26th June 2008
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Potholes in Kidderminster's roads are getting worse - despite an extra £15 million earmarked for road maintenance, it is claimed.

And there is little sign of repairs being carried out, claim Wyre Forest councillors who are now calling for action.

Councillors claim Worcestershire County Council has failed to come up with an effective plan to address the quality of roads in the town.

They want measures such as the setting up of Home Zones, stretches with 20mph speed restrictions, to be introduced in some parts of the town.

They have suggested drawing up a plan for presentation to county highway chiefs on where road works are needed and say a town survey would highlight the problems and locations of potholes.

They are also concerned that traffic-calming schemes introduced in parts of the town include speed humps, which they claim are "crude and archaic forms of traffic control".

Instead they would like to see Home Zones introduced to enable local residents to reclaim their estates from speeding motorists.

The consultation document has been drawn up by councillors Helen Dyke and Fran Oborski.

In the report they call for action to address the pothole problem because they claim Worcestershire County Council has "not come up with an effective plan to address the problem".

Councillor Fran Oborski, in the document, says a town survey should be considered.

She said: "Speed humps are crude and archaic forms of traffic-calming that slow traffic but damage cars and do nothing for pedestrians.

"Kidderminster's older side streets have narrow pavements introduced in the days when the car was king.

"We think it is time those residential streets were given back to the residents."

Worcestershire County Council was unavailable for comment.

Source: Express & Star

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