Keeping it in the family for May's election
5th April 2011
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The campaign for this May's local election is under way and this time its being kept in the family.

At the election, I'll be standing as a Labour candidate for Stourport Town Council, while my Dad, Eddie King, will be wearing a blue rosette come polling day. 

Despite our political differences, we have a close relationship and we don't let the often intense political debates come between us. That said, I won't be pulling my punches when it comes to holding the Tories to account for their record here in Wyre Forest and in Government in Westminster, and I'm sure Dad won't be giving me an easy ride either.

Its the first time that either of us has stood for council and I'm more than aware of the large age gap between me and the other candidates. But as 'Majorreg' commented on The Shuttle's website "Nice to see a young person standing up for what they believe in - instead of the usual suspects with no real political conviction", I hope the voters in my ward will agree and will trust me to be their voice on the council. 

Eddie King said of me "I'm pleased he's prepared to stand up for what he believes in" and added "At a local level I hope I can make a difference for the local community."

Voting takes place in 5th May, with me standing in Stour and Wilden and my Dad in Lickhill. Labour Councillor, Howard Martin has said "At least Tom and Eddie King know what they believe in and are willing to live with their differences."

If we are both elected, we could find ourselves debating across the council chamber, instead of the dinner table.

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