Countdown to All Hallow's Eve
29th October 2008
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Halloween is nearly upon us. I've been watching Most Haunted Live every night religiously since the weekend, as I do every year about this time. I'd love to believe in all these ghosts and things that go bump in the night, but sadly, I'm always left feeling disappointed from these shows. Perhaps I'm just too naturally cynical about the supernatural, or perhaps it's just the ham style of the 'presenters' of the show.

No doubt on the night itself, I'll have my usual sequence of events. About 4pm, I'll probably finally get around to carving out the jack o' lantern into the classic scary pumpkin face style - my pumpkin carving skills leave a lot to be desired, so some of the complex haunted house/witch with cat designs I've seen on the telly will just have to remain a pipe dream of mine. About 5pm, I'll be getting annoyed with the constant stream of kids banging on the door and demanding sweets. About 6pm, and being totally hypocritical, I'll be walking round the estate with 2 of my kids, annoying my neighbours in the same fashion! Probably about 6.30pm, I'll get fed up of people being grumpy and/or not answering their doors, and will have to escort them back home, including my 2-year old (who admittedly looks brilliant dressed up as a skeleton this year) who will kick up a fuss, as he won't want to be heading back to his bed. At 8pm I'll probably be back in front of the TV watching the conclusion of a so-far fairly dull week of coverage. If only there were more to halloween....

My facebook friend and local Kidderminster blogger, Nick J. Townsend, has something far more exciting to offer, for those who want to do something a bit unusual on Halloween Night itself. To save me re-inventing the wheel, here are the details in his own words. Do something exciting, or sit bored watching TV like I have to!

Greetings all. This is Nick J.Townsend of Weak13. Thanks to everyone for your continued support. We have an internet gig this Friday between 8pm-10pm which you can watch LIVE by going onto this site below.

It's been estimated that it'll be watched by around 90'000 people around the world too. Also we are allowing people if they wish to be in the studio during the filming of the gig. People can bring their own booze, dress up for halloween and it's £3 to get in.

The address is:

Base Studios, Unit 14, Rufford Road Trading Estate, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 7ND

If you have problems finding it then check this link below for a map and directions, it's 5 minutes walk from Stourbridge Junction if you are going by train.

Remember if you want to be seen on the internet gig you need to get there for 8pm on Friday October 31st, Halloween 2008

There will be 3 bands:


MUDBALL (former Girls Love Ponies)


And if the idea of spending halloween with a large crowd of drunken scary people, listening to metal music, in a Stourbridge basement, doesn't strike your fancy, you can always bop with the Kidderminster locals at the M2 nightclub. Details below:

Event: Halloween- Kidderminster's Biggest Party!!

"Join us at the Biggest Halloween Party Yet!!"

What: Club Party

Host: M2 Nightclub Kidderminster

Start Time: 31 October at 23:00

End Time: 01 November at 03:00

Where: M2 Nightclub Kidderminster

To see more details and RSVP, follow the link below:

So, that's about it. Plenty of fun ideas to make halloween 2008, one to remember!

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