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Congratulations to Spice Fusion Indian & Thai Restaurant for a very successful first year in business. Click the link below for more information on this fantastic venue.
If you want to learn to swim, or just want to improve your swimming technique, but don't have the time to commit to regular lessons, a 5-day crash course might be the perfect solution. Tracy at Neptune learn to swim is offering a crash course from 21
Well, it's bank holiday Monday, and to my amazement, Wyre Forest District Council DID pick up the bins today, against all odds. Unfortunately, most of my Stourport estate assumed as I did that they wouldn't be coming, and most were still asleep at 8a
So, tomorrow is another bank holiday, or more to the point, another occasion when the refuse/bins are not picked up by Wyre Forest District Council :( It's bad enough being once a fortnight, but once a month is just ridiculous. I wouldn't mind, bu
Went to fantastico children's play area yesterday to try and use up some of the energy in my toddler! They are on the best of kidderminster site at Unfortunately, there was a privat
Facebook If you get bored of work, join me and my fiancee Debbie for a bit of wasted time on Facebook, the great social networking site! Whether you are from Kidderminster or not, it's another great way of networking, meeting new friends and e
NOTE VENUE HAS NOW CHANGED, SEE COMMENTS... Went to my 4Networking meeting again this week in Kidderminster at the Park Gate Inn. Directions / map can be found on link below:
The Boy Who Cried Best!
The Boy Who Cried Best!
A great way of finding out all about the concept behind The Best Of network can be found on youtube: It shows how thebestof doesn't just shout BEST!, it explains WHY local businesses are the best and deservin
I entered a major tournament last week in my favourite sport, Tae Kwon Do. Thanks to the great training from my instructor Lee Robinson of Stourport Tae Kwon Do Academy (a TAGB school): I managed to achieve a bronze medal, fo
John Farnsworth of Plan Your Retirement is keen to offer you professional independent advice, and he's a nice bloke too! for more details.
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