The Mumpreneur's Mentor
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The Mumpreneur's Mentor, Bewdley, is a business coach, dedicated to helping female entrepreneurs who want to build their own business around their children.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bStarting up a business is tough. In addition to finding premises, or deciding whether to work from home, there are taxes to consider, expenses, finding clients, and actually producing a product or service that people want to buy.

Starting up a business, while looking after children, is almost impossible, and many women give up their dreams of entrepreneurship and being their own boss in favour of either staying at home or working part time for an employer.

The Mumpreneur's Mentor believes there’s no good reason to sacrifice your hopes and dreams simply because you’ve started a family, and specialises in providing the help and support you need to get your enterprise off the ground - without compromising family time.

With five years’ experience as The Mumpreneur's Mentor, founder, Emma Walker has a wealth of experience in business and as a virtual assistant.

With a no nonsense slant on business and personal matters, The Mumpreneur's Mentor takes a hands-on approach and will actually show clients what they need to be doing - coaching them to juggle time, turn ideas into practical plans, and giving them a real plan of action they can follow.

Regardless of what business you’re in or plan to go into, The Mumpreneur's Mentor’s expertise is mums, and a sensible approach to balancing work with the rest of your life.

If you don’t want to go back to working at your old job after taking maternity leave, or want to make something of your life while enjoying the time you spend with your children, The Mumpreneur's Mentor, Bewdley can help.

The Mumpreneur's Mentor is currently offering ‘Balance Business & Babies ... The Easy Way’ a FREE training course where you’ll learn the seven simple steps to supercharge your business and get to business mum bliss. or email for more information.

“Emma really offered amazing advice on the call by helping me focus on key areas to build the business and my brand. By pulling together an amazing marketing plan and help on putting together my dream boards helped me with my direction.”

“Absolutely positive direction and endless amounts of tasks to complete but now I am fully aware of my ‘Why’ and the reasons for setting up the business, having my dream property in Europe on my dream board helps me move forward and focus on achieving my daily goals – amazing!!!”

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