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The County Air Ambulance Trust is a unique charitable organisation helping to get Kidderminster people out of difficult by providing the ultimate rescue service for the Worcestershire area.


The County Air Ambulance Trust is a unique charitable organisation.  Formed in March 1993, it is the oldest independent air ambulance charity in Worcestershire.

Every second of every minute counts for serious accidents or medical emergencies and the first hour after any incident is critical. It could be someone involved in a bad road pile up, a child with severe burns or a construction worker who has fallen off a high building.

When the clock starts ticking off the minutes of the 'Golden Hour', the difference between life and death is often a fast flying helicopter that reaches the ill or injured sooner and gets back to A & E quickly enough to give those in distress the best possible chance of surviving.

It was founded to help ensure the financial future of the first red air ambulance helicopter based at Cosford. Since those early days the number of air ambulances in the region has increased to six with a total of thirty now providing essential cover in England and Wales.

The County Air Ambulance Trust continues to offer financial support to the three Air Ambulance charities in the region in a grant making capacity to fund operational costs and infrastructure projects.

They have everything they need to save lives except somewhere to land.  In an emergency airlift every second counts.  But to beat the clock, the Air Ambulance service urgently needs new helipads.

In an emergency when any delay can be deadly, being able to land seconds away from help will save lives.

It doesn't have to be like this. Which is why they are launching an ambitious multi-million pound Helicopter Emergency Landing Pads Appeal (HELP) to respond to this serious and potentially life-threatening shortage of helipads.

The HELP Appeal does not receive any help at all from government funds or the lottery, depending on you to help them find the funds so desperately needed to support a service that anyone of us might need at any time.

“The HELP Appeal is one of the most important appeals in years.  With your help we can make sure that every key A&E hospital has the landing facilities we so desperately need.”
Jason Dennis County Air Ambulance Trust





County Air Ambulance Trust
PO Box 999
Green Lane

01922 618 058
0800 389 8999

The Independent Charity - Registered Charity Number: 1057063
A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales No: 3044061






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