Johnny's Happy Place
  • Keystone
    97 Rockingham Rd
    NN16 9HX
A welcoming weekend community cafe in Kettering for those who may be suffering with their mental health, a place where everyone is welcome.

Johnny's Happy Place

"Inspiring well-being through community and creativity"


How can Johnny's Happy Place help you?

We know that many people in the Kettering area for one reason or another or circumstances, are having a tough time. You might have anxiety issues, depression or just feel isolated.

So with the help of some wonderful people we created a beautiful community space and cafe within Keystone's building in Kettering.


The doors are open at the weekends:Saturday 10am–4pm and Sunday 11am–2pm.

Johnny's Happy Place is open to everyone: old, young, rich, poor, good mental health, poor mental health.

What happens here?

  • Free Artwork workshops 1-3pm on Saturdays.
  • Free tea and coffee all the time.
  • All food £1 per meal/item.
  • Pay what you can afford hairdresser most Saturday afternoons.
  • Free drop in counselling most Saturday afternoons.
  • A lovely, happy environment.
  • Open to everyone just come and have a look around.


Everyone has mental health; some days it might be better or worse than others but like a diet, we all have it and we want to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

Everybody here are all caring and considerate people and although none of us are healthcare professionals we are humans with hearts and sometimes that is all someone needs. Someone to talk to who can listen and who can empathise.

Need a buddy?

If you don't want to come to Johnny's Happy Place alone or feel a bit anxious about it, just let us know and one of us will meet you outside. It's easy, just Email us and we'll give you one of our phone numbers to call.


Please mention The Best of Kettering when you call in.

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