Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy
  • The Yards
    10 Market Street
    NN16 0AH
Beccy from The Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy, is the voice coach in Kettering, bringing people of all abilities together to sing! Ideal for adults in our 'Harmonix' Group, relaxed, fun and beneficial in many ways, don't worry if you can't sing a note! Also we have our 'Sing Squad' for children and young people who just feel the need to learn and sing with friends.

The Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy in Kettering.

Voice coaching in Kettering with a difference!


Group singing is back!!!!

Our group classes are starting up from Monday 7 September.

Today’s shout out is our adult singing group
Harmonix returns
ALL abilities welcome

Thursdays 7.30-9pm
The Yards, Market Street, Kettering

Sing together, outside

Access to online community
online learning platform
optional to be in-person or online

All for £40 per month membership.



Have you been told you can't sing?
Do you feel embarrassed about singing?
Would you only sing in the shower or in the car?

Want to find your own singing voice in a warm friendly group with one to one help no matter your singing ability?

Harmonix is our supportive singing group where you can join in, learn about your voice, socialise with others and enjoy all the benefits that singing can bring.


Beccy Hurrell is a very experienced voice coach, working with TV shows and singers, she has created in Kettering a relaxed singing group where you can learn as you sing music from shows and the charts every Sunday evening.

To find out more about this amazing voice coaching in Kettering, don't be nervous, just click here now!

Also, to book on-line, click here. 

 What about children and teenagers who want to sing?


Our 'Sing Squad' is just right to help build confidence, friendship and learning from group games that are fun and active.

From reception age to 18 everyone can enjoy singing, learning and group activities as you learn a new song every half term.

Sing Squad. Where it’s all about Kazoos! To help with warm ups and tricky bits in pieces.

For full details of voice coaching in Kettering for kids just click here now.

In addition to 'Harminix', the group singing for adults and 'Sing Squad' for younger singers The Beccy Hurrell Voice Academy in Kettering provides Voice Tuition and Masterclasses for all abilities, click this voice coaching link for details.


 Please mention The Best of Kettering when you call about voice coaching or singing tuition.

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