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The staff are passionate about what they do and do it very well. The facilities are excellent and you can find what you need under one roof. There are a wide variety of classes throughout the day so, regardless of your own lifestyle, you can find one to fit your needs.
The club is welcoming and friendly and by that I include members and staff. The variety and number of classes are great and the fitness team and hospitality staff are all great. Definitely the best health club in the area by far.
i have been a member now for two years and in that time the staff have been so supportive of my journey i have lost in weight over a hundred kilos and have always had the personal trainers and staffs support. i have been working along side tom one of their trainers and have done amazing. I am not too far from finish line now and i want everyone to get this same support network i have from staff and members too
Loving the experience, loving the staff. Loving myself for the first time in ages, loving the change in my body. Just love it, love it.
Absolutly fantastic!!! Thanks for everything. Excellent, brilliant gym. Amazing staff!!
This is the best gym I have visited in the area, the staff were very knowledgable and helpful, they gave me the motivation to achieve my goals.
Great gym, love the Fitlinx system which is the only one in Kettering! Really helped get started! FB
The only Health Club in Kettering with Fitlinxx training partner on all of their gym equipment! I can log all my workouts to track my progress and better still I will be able to do this from home through the web! I love the view from the gym, all that natural light and view of the lake gives me a real lift when I am flagging a bit. Staff are friendly, members are not all health freaks, great place to go!
I think this is the best gym I have been to, they are all so helpful as it can be a bit daunting at first but they made me feel so relaxed and the programmes have really helped. I would recommend Balance to anyone.
very friendly club, great staff. I have lost loads of weight since joining and enjoy the variety of fitness classes and things to do in the club. Would recommend it to anyone
THis is a great gym plenty of the right equipment and very helpful and trained staff, I really like the new entrance and facilities. I think if you are looking for a gym in Kettering you need to give them a try.
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Northants Telegraph Gym of the Year 2016
Northants Telegraph Gym of the Year 2016