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Health and Beauty Events
SMi's 9th Annual Biosimilars And Biobetters Conference
  • Wednesday 26th September, 8:30am - Until Thursday 27th September, 4:30pm
The SMi Group are thrilled to present the 9th annual conference on Biosimilars And Biobetters, taking place on 26th And 27th September in Central London, UK. View event
  • Wednesday 26th September, 9:00am - Until Thursday 27th September, 6:00pm
SMi's Immuno-Oncology Conference will focus on a few key areas of the field with representation of the whole industry, under each area View event
Defence Safety Conference, Supported by The Defence Safety Authority UK MoD
  • Monday 1st October, 9:00am - Until Tuesday 2nd October, 6:00pm
The Defence Safety Conference is the first of its kind exclusively dedicated to safety across the defence domain. View event
Cell and Gene Therapy 2018
  • Wednesday 10th October, 8:30am - Until Thursday 11th October, 5:00pm
SMi introduces their inaugural event on Cell and Gene Therapy which takes place between the 10th and 11th October 2018, with an interactive pre-conference workshop on the 9th October. View event