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Jane provides a high level of moral support... her phone call always seem to come just at the right time. She is hugely enthusiastic and encouraging and always has time to listen. She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of human nature, healthy diet habits and exercise which she pulls together with her hand selected food parcels to provide a highly effective weight loss programme. Months later my weight is static at my goal weight and I couldn’t be more delighted and grateful. And I still get the odd phone call even though I am off the programme! Penny, Wife and mother, Fulham
At last a diet that allows me to drink tea – and with milk. A lot of diets cut out food groups but JanePlan doesn’t, so I can have the tea I feel I need to function, and so have not given up on it and continue to lose weight. Harriet – Photographer, London
I have had such a great experience on the Jane plan and gained so much confidence about my figure and also choosing the right things and how much to eat. Thanks again so much! SueJean – Goldman Sachs
Just a line to say I am getting into trousers from a few years ago, and other clothes; the bonus is they are so fashionable now I must have been ahead of the game. I can do them up, just can't breathe yet, but I WILL SOON. Jan Meek – Adventurer, SussexHaving rowed the Atlantic with her son, Jan wanted to lose some weight before training before her Polar expedition.
‘Delicious, nutritious food, superb support – in fact it doesn’t feel like a diet at all’ The Daily Mail, August 2010
I was surprised that I didn’t feel hungry at all. The Thai Curry was delicious….. the best thing about this diet is the support given along the way’
Being on JanePlan is like lying in a warm, freshly made bed knowing that room service is on its way. I feel safe, comforted and looking forward to the arrival of my food.
I feel a lot more energised. So much so – I decided to bungee jump to celebrate!
Jane and her Plan have changed my life. I have more energy, am more excited by ife and feel supported.
It’s hard to fail. The Plan is logical, simple, practical and the food tastes great. I have always eaten - thai curry, meatballs, salads but with the portions controlled for me. I even find that I don’t need the fruit portion in the evening as I feel full. The evening meals in particular are tasty even ‘hearty’. I found Jane’s warmth and passion for helping people lose weight really appealing which is why I decided to try the plan even though I was not looking to diet. As it has proved so successful and easy I am continuing and I am really confident that this time I will reach my targets.I have never found joining slimming clubs appealing, but personal support, and Jane’s team to report to weekly and talk to whenever one needs, really helps.
I dropped a dress size with almost no effort as the lovely JanePlan did all the thinking and planning for me: by delivering all of my delicious meals directly to my office I was able to eat well and sensibly, exactly when I needed to, and this was the key to my success.
JanePlan is dieting with indulgence! It’s exciting to open a package full of food that is just for you. The food has great variety and is packed full of flavour, so you don’t feel you’re sacrificing the enjoyment of eating. So easy and so enjoyable.
I am now at my goal weight after 6 weeks. I have dieted unsuccessfully for years and with the onset of menopause I was miserable. This diet works and Jane’s team have been a fantastic support. I have recommended JanePlan to many friends and will continue to do so. Thank you JanePlan. I feel pretty and slim, thanks to you.
JanePlan has really worked for me. I have lost 1 1/2 stone in six weeks without much effort or willpower. (Although the first week is the hardest). I have tried many diets before but avoided low calorie ones because I didn’t want the hassle of weighing portions and felt I was bound to be hungry and find the food boring.. But that hasn’t been the case at all.
With JanePlan not only do you lose weight and drop dress sizes – you re- programme your thinking around food.
I think it works because it comes in a box: all you do is add fruit and vegetables so no measuring, no thinking about you what could have for lunch, no need to go to shops (and therefore you’re away from any temptation).
Sometimes I forget I am on a diet – then I step on the scales and wonder why I have lost another 3 lbs.
Not having to think about what to eat made it so much easier not to give into temptation. I just followed the plan and one month later I was a stone lighter.
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