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If you live in Kensington and Chelsea and you have tried and tested many diets without success, it's time to try JanePlan! Created by Jane Michell, JanePlan is a diet and lifestyle programme designed to suit your needs.

A Simple Approach to Weight Loss
In Kensington and Chelsea

Your Diet Designed and Delivered

JanePlan provides an intelligent alternative to losing weight.

If you have tried most of the diets on the market and feel like you've been short changed, then it's time you tasted JanePlan.

Offering a simple diet based on portion control and blood sugar maintenance, JanePlan has been developed on reliable scientific research and supported by years of experience.

To lose weight quickly and effectively, call JanePlan today

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About JanePlan

Established by nutritional expert, Jane Michell, JanePlan offers a delicious diet of mouth-watering meals created especially for you.

Developed alongside nutritionists, doctors, fitness professionals and life coaches, JanePlan goes back to basics - steaming food in a pressure cooker to seal the fabulous flavours and nutrients.

By delivering healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners direct to your door (home or office) you don't have to worry about shopping, cooking and time!

Jane Says:

"I know that even losing just a few pounds can make a huge difference to how you feel. Most diets don't work because they are too hard to stick to, too difficult to follow or don't give quick enough results. I genuinely enjoy helping people manage their weight - that's why JanePlan goes all out to make your life easier. And it won't cost the earth. Try it and see"

Your plan is very much tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle and the team at JanePlan will help you meet your goals every step of the way.


Sample Menu


Hazelnut crunch with dairy free yoghurt

Mid Morning

A handful of crudités


Spicy lentil soup

Mid Afternoon

Oatcakes with berries


Thai chicken curry with watercress salad.
Strawberries and fresh mint

One client recently said:

"JanePlan is dieting with indulgence! It's exciting to open a package full of food that is just for you. The food has great variety and is packed full of flavour, so you don't feel you're sacrificing the enjoyment of eating. So easy and so enjoyable".

Contact Us

For a personal consultation to identify the right weight loss plan to suit you, call our team today - we have the following amazing options:

• Full JanePlan
• One Night Off JanePlan
• Weekends off Plan
• JanePlan that includes your partner

Consultations can take as little as ten minutes!

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